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Rubbadubs was born in Aotearoa (New Zealand) amongst the natural landscapes, chilly bins (eskys), jandals (thongs) and sound systems. Conceived by a group of friends that love dancing, mixing and listening to heaving music. After having sore ears on too many Sunday mornings a solution was called upon - Rubbadubs!

Where ever there is loud music and a dancefloor, these Rubbadubs are always with us. Rubbadubs ear plugs are a product of over a year of trial and error of various ear plug types and designs. The hypoallergenic silicone ear plug shells are fitted with a removable 28 decibel white sound filter and come with a removable connector (available in elastic or woven material).

Listening to all types of music is important to us and we want to cut mad shapes well into our old age. So join us in protecting our hearing and our ears with Rubbadubs!

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Love cutting shapes to loud music, but hate ringing ears and potential hearing damage? Rubbadubs Ear Plugs are the perfect solution!

Exposure to loud music for extended period of times can cause serious hearing damage, tinitus and sore ears.¹ Around 3.6 million people have some level of hearing loss in Australia which is often preventable

That poses a problem for loud music lovers, which luckily Rubbadubs Ear Plugs can solve. Rubbadubs Ear Plugs are equipped with 28 dB high fidelity sound filters. High fidelity filters are designed to uniformly filter the highs, mids and lows which means you hear all the high quality sound without the muffled effect from traditional ear plugs. This also means you can still hold conversations with the people around you if need be.

Rubbadubs Ear Plugs are perfect for concerts, live music, gigs, you name it, if there's a powered sound system, Rubbadubs are perfect for the job. With 100s of concerts, music events and festivals happening every year in Aus and NZ, Rubbadubs are an affordable and effective way to protect your hearing without affecting the quality of music

1 - https://www.health.gov.au/topics/ear-health/about